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Reviews from participantsAbdominal sonography course: Basic Liver Pathologies


Thursday, 20.04.2017

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RAI Amsterdam
1078 GZ Amsterdam
The Netherlands

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18:30 - 20:00

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The sonography course for beginners is intended for physicians with no or minimal experience in abdominal sonography.
The major aim is to experience what it is like to perform ultrasonography.
The focus is on anatomy, i.e. the recognition of the large abdominal organs and structures with emphasis on the liver.
After the course, you will not only be able to recognize the abdominal organs (e.g. liver, kidneys, spleen), but will also be able to find the major liver vessels (portal vein, hepatic artery, liver veins), gallbladder, and the biliary tree. Important signs of liver cirrhosis will be learnt and you will be guided through the abdomen by means of a sonography-simulator demonstrating the pathology most frequently seen in practice, such as decompensated liver cirrhosis with ascites, hepatocellular carcinoma, cholecystolithiasis, and much more.

Learning objectives:
- how to handle a probe and a sonography machine by means of a sonography-simulator
- focus on anatomy: how to find the liver, the large liver vessels, and other important structures
- identification of pathology most frequently seen: cirrhosis, hepatocellular carcinoma, ascites, portal hypertension, biliary abnormalities.

Collection of available clinical data for hands-on training course with Schallware simulator, manikin and dummy probe

Red bars show acquired areas of patient. Red arrows equate to intercostal fan volumes.
Cases were acquired for example with convex, linear probe, in color doppler modus and maybe at several dates. You can open details and browse image list of regions of interest (ROIs), which are supported by simulator as you can be led automatically to these structures (bubble in space).

Patient 59FNH in S5convexDetails
Patient 91Severe steatohepatitis, Asc.-Decompensation, HCCconvexDetails
Patient 100DLT, NHL Liver, infiltrated intestine, bilateral pleural effusion, gallbladder wall edema (hypalbuminemia)convexDetails
Patient 111Primary sclerosing cholangitis PSCconvexDetails
Patient 118Liver cysts, M.Crohn, Adenomyomatosis, cholecystolith., nephrolith., stenosis of ileoc. anastomosisconvex, linearDetails
Patient 120Hepaticojejunostomy, aerobilia, renal cyst, pancreatic pseudo cystconvexDetails
Patient 125Free fluid, renal cysts, arteriosclerosisconvexDetails
Patient 132Bright liver tumors, splenomegalyconvexDetails

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