Ensuring quality diagnosis through ultrasound simulation

Provide your doctors with a revolutionary, easy-to-use system for hands-on practice in ultrasound diagnosis.

example 1 The Schallware Ultrasound Simulator allows your doctors to practice ultrasound diagnostics just as under real conditions. Moving one of the four dummy transducers over the dummy torsos produces the exact B-scans of the selected case. Our exclusive lossless multi-volume re-slicing algorithm computes these B-scans in real time from the actual patient scan data. The scan data are organized into thematic modules suitable for those with beginner up to advanced knowledge. With two dummy torsos and four dummy transducers available, our system covers ultrasound diagnosis scenarios in emergency, cardiology and gynaecology and internal areas of medicine. The Core System includes one dummy torso, three modules and corresponding transducers. Various add-on modules are available from our continuously growing library produced by our affiliated clinics. Each module is served with a tutorial including documented patient cases.

Ensure consistent quality and knowledge by allowing doctors to regularly revisit documented cases at any time.

example 1 With the Simulator, your doctors can now regularly practice ultrasound diagnosis on both common and rare, once-in-a-year cases. Doctors can test their knowledge by comparing their diagnoses with the documentation associated with each module. In this way, the Simulator serves as a reference for your clinic and is available at any time. Providing these constantly available training and reference resources to your doctors sets a consistent quality standard in ultrasound diagnosis throughout your clinic.

Offer training beyond your clinic and serve your region while connecting with your area’s resident doctors.

As an alternative to using your clinic’s own Simulators, you can rent four Simulators for eight days of training and workshops. In our on-site Module Training we familiarize a few of your doctors with the system. These doctors then become your clinic’s trainers and can instruct your entire clinic on the operation of the Simulator. Your clinic can then host a week of workshops on ultrasound diagnosis for your region, giving back to the community while connecting to your resident doctors. Such community-based educational events are commonly supported by sponsors and companies involved in the industry.

The Technology behind the Schallware Ultrasound Simulator

example 1 The basic Schallware module included with each system consists of 30 documented cases from individual patients and over 50 volumes of data. Each 3D volume is professionally recorded by our affiliated clinics using the Schallware 3D freehand technique to position the scans in the virtual torso. We use up to 2000 raw B-scans in constructing one 3D volume for optimal resolution. We have also developed an import function for 4D volumes recorded with a 4D transducer. Our affiliates produced the cardiology and fetal echocardiography extension modules with this technique. For both the 3D and 4D simulation processes, we developed a custom re-slicing algorithm capable of slicing through a vast number of original B-scans, ensuring optimal resolution for all insonification angles while maintaining an instantaneous response between transducer and display.

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